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Stunning, custom, affordable websites for the health + beauty service industry.

Salons. Barbershops. Spas. Hair Stylists. Make Up Artists.

A creative agency with decades of industry experience.

We are a Buffalo, NY Based creative agency with decades of combined industry experience creating impactful digital experiences from website development to branding & digital marketing for clients across North America.

Technical Experience

Websites are what we do. This framework has come from decades of experience working with clients & developing websites.

We have key team members and strategic advisors who have worked with us to develop this framework specifically for you.

We know you’re busy. Which is why we’ve streamlined a development process to make the buildout of your new website painless and quick!


Front Door Syndrome

Your website is the front door of your business. Whether it’s a complete stranger looking for salon, or a referral doing their due diligence to scope out the place their friend recommended – people are going to trust you (or not) based on the quality of your online presence. Is your website working with you or against you?



The most common phrases we’ve heard.


The reality of our digital world



People are going to someone to make them look good – but that doesn’t mean they’re coming to you.

94% of people search for local organizations online before committing to purchase.

97% of people cited poor website design as the reason they mistrusted an organization.

The annual revenue of the hair salon industry in the US is over $47 billion and growing at a rate of 2% every year.

83% of Millennials find online content useful in making purchasing decisions.

$25+ billion per year is spent by people 35 years and younger on salon services.

While revenue is growing, salons are closing at a rate of 5%/yr. as the industry becomes more and more competitive.

The facts don't lie. Your website is the front door of your business. . . Don't let it turn customers away!


A website solution that works for you (and your budget).

Your website should stand alone as a direct representation of your business for someone who’s had no experience with you. It can make or break the decision a client makes when choosing you, or a competitor.

Even more-so in a visual & creative industry, people are going to trust you (or not) based on the quality of your online presence. Because of this, we’ve designed the perfect website framework to help give you the best online presence possible.



Our websites cost you a fraction of what most custom options would. Our experience and refined process enables us to offer you a stunning website without the unnecessary costs.

We have a streamlined process to get your creative input and direction on your site without overwhelming you. We do the heavy lifting, you benefit from having a killer site that’s live in less than a month.

We look after your site once it’s live. Back-ups, security scans, technology updates & improvements are just a few of things we do on a monthly basis to make sure you never have to worry about your site.

Stay fly

In a visual industry it’s important that your look is always on-point. We know what users are looking for from both a design and technology standpoint and that’s exactly what we deliver to them.

Don’t worry about struggling to figure out a DIY template or being limited to their stale, pre-defined styles & layouts. Our developers build & customize your site for you and provide simple training so that if you do want to swap out photos or change some text, you can with ease! 

We are real people who are committed to you for the long haul. We are available for anything else you need beyond your website such as Graphic Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Photography, Videography etc.

Our Packages

All Packages include

Special beta pricing is available to our next 10 clients!
Contact us to secure your spot.


Ideal for the individual.


+ $249 set-up

One Page Website
Custom Branding, Colors & Fonts
Services Overview
About & Contact Sections
Email & Chat Support
Client Populates Content


For a growing business.


+ $749 set-up fee

Full Website
Full Set Up & Build Out
Custom branding, colors & fonts
Custom element styles & textures
Full Booking Page
Service Collections
Products & Gallery Pages
Team Profiles
Email & Chat Support


For your next-level company


+ $1,249 set-up fee

Full Website
Full Set Up & Build Out
Custom branding, colors & fonts
Custom element styles & textures
Custom Home & About Pages
Full Booking Page
Service Collections
Products & Gallery Pages
Staff Profiles
Priority Support
18-Month Refresh

Invest in Your Brand

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Your website is the front door of your business. Whether its a complete stranger looking for salon, or it’s a referral doing their due diligence to scope out the place their friend recommended – people are judging you based on your online presence.

Ashley Fox

Oak & Iron Salon


  • We’ve developed a streamlined client on boarding process which reduces unnecessary admin time.
  • We’ve designed & developed a customizable framework specifically for the health & beauty service industry using WordPress, the worlds leading content management system which allows for rapid customization & deployment. This gives us the ability to customize a website based on clients preferences, without starting from scratch every time.
  • We’ve developed a strategic partnership with Flywheel which provides the best Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting for WordPress sites at a super affordable rate.
  • Their offering is stale, one-size fits all templates (not specific for your industry)
  • Very limited custom options
  • Steep learning curve
  • If you were going to do this you likely would have by now 🙂
  • You don’t have the time or desire to learn new software, plus you’re not a website designer.
  • We are professionals who know this industry, the trends & the technology to be able to position your salon effectively. You keep making people look amazing, we’ll make sure you look amazing.
  • Shared hosting is cheap but Shares your site’s resources with hundreds of other sites on the same server. These hosting plans are often base-level and offer no security protection or WordPress optimization services.
  • Other sites can get hacked and that affects the security of your site. Sites can also get blacklisted or hacked and whether your site is the culprit or not your site will be affected because it’s on the same server.
  • Our hosting platform allows us to host our clients all on a private VPS server designed specifically to manage WordPress sites with maximum security, speed, compatibility, scalability, and optimization without breaking the bank.
  • A Virtual Private Server is fast, secure & we offer it to you at a fraction of normal costs (avg. normal cost $43/mo.)

We’ve worked to create a streamlined on-boarding and development process that enables us to launch sites quickly and  efficiently for you. Because of this, we can usually have your site ready to launch within 2 weeks of on-boarding. This, however, is entirely dependent on you as the client. As long as you can provide us with all of the information we need in a timely manner, you can be assure that our team will work to launch your site as quickly as possible!

If you decide that you no longer want to work with us, you simply pay the off-boarding fee and we hand your website files over to you to take it from there.

Year 1-2: $350, Year 2: $250, Year 3 and On: $100

The benefit of our framework being built on WordPress is that if you no longer wish to work with us, there are thousands of developers around the world who can work with your website. 

Our expectation however, is that working with us will be so enjoyable and the product so excellent that you never want to leave!

We will work with you to refresh the look and feel of your website. This is a great way to stay current as trends evolve and to make sure your brand stays cutting edge in a competitive industry.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Reworking layouts
  • Reworking styles & themes
  • Incorporating modern trends as they evolve
  • Optimizing design for increased conversions

Take Your Brand to the Next Level