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Stunning, custom, affordable websites for the health + beauty service industry.

Salons. Barbershops. Spas. Hair Stylists. Make Up Artists.

A creative agency with decades of industry experience.

We are a Buffalo, NY Based creative agency with decades of combined industry experience creating impactful digital experiences from website development to branding & digital marketing for clients across North America.

Technical Experience

Websites are what we do. This framework has come from decades of experience working with clients & developing websites.

We have key team members and strategic advisors who have worked with us to develop this framework specifically for you.

We know you’re busy. Which is why we’ve streamlined a development process to make the buildout of your new website painless and quick!


Front Door Syndrome

Your website is the front door of your business. Whether it’s a complete stranger looking for salon, or a referral doing their due diligence to scope out the place their friend recommended – people are going to trust you (or not) based on the quality of your online presence. Is your website working with you or against you?